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Annual Carol Frazier Trade Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in the Eve’s Garden Foundation Annual (Carol Frazier) Scholarship Program.

The Carol Frazier Scholarship awards will be awarded annually. The scholarship package includes a $500 one-time payment which will be applied towards your tuition for the current or future semester.  

We would also like to offer a couple of helpful hints as you complete your scholarship application:

  • Be sure to proofread your personal essay. There are some things that "spell-check" will not catch, so be sure to proofread it yourself and ask someone else to review it, also.

  • The application must include all required fields. Be sure to include your personal essay, high school transcript, college transcript (if applicable), and three letters of recommendation. If any of these items are missing, your application will not be scored.

*Please note that even if you are currently enrolled in trade school, we still need a copy of your high school transcript in addition to any of your college transcripts.

  • The application deadline is September 14, 2023. Your complete application must be submitted on or before September 14, 2023, no exceptions.


Before submitting your application, please ensure the following MANDATORY ITEMS are included. All documents must be submitted together. Eve’s Garden Foundation will verify that you are eligible to apply for a Scholarship.


  • Typed Personal Essay

  • High School Transcript or GED Test Score Report

  • College Transcript (if attending college)

  • Three Letters of Reference from non-relatives

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Thanks for submitting!

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